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Customer Point

Just a simple app to record customer poin and web to access poin gain

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Trakteer Saya


  • PHP 8.1 or latest
  • Node 16+ or latest

How to run

prepare env

cp .env.example .env # configure app for laravel
touch database/database.sqlite # if you use .env.example with default sqlite database
composer install
npm install

use php server

php artisan migrate --seed # create table for db and seed data
php artisan key:gen
php artisan ser #keep run to dev

compile asset

npm run dev # compiling asset for development # keep run for dev

easy way

docker compose up -d

Default User

username :
password : password

Compile Assets ( to prod )

npm run build


image1 image2


$faker = Faker\Factory::create();
foreach (range(0,1000) as $range) {
    echo $faker->regexify('[A-Z]{5}[0-4]{3}').', '.$faker->name.','.$faker->randomNumber(3, false). "\n";
rsync -arP -e 'ssh -p 224' --exclude=node_modules --exclude=.git --exclude=.env --exclude=storage --exclude=public/hot .

rsync -arP -e 'ssh -p 224' --exclude=node_modules --exclude=database/database.sqlite --exclude=.git --exclude=.env --exclude=storage --exclude=public/hot .